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Directed and Photographed by
Greg W. Rodgers and Frank Yeean Chan

Edited by
Greg W. Rodgers

Produced by
Frank Yeean Chan

Assistant Camera
Adam Aufdencamp, Grace Kumetat

Additional images by
Bryan Goebel, Kit Hodge, and Brian Kusler

Original Music
“Neither Major Nor Minor” and “Acoustica” by Andrew Van Wart


Frank Yeean Chan (Director/Producer) likes to think of viewing hundreds of shorts at local film festivals as his film school.  He has served on short and feature screening committees for San Francisco Bay Area film festivals.  He currently works as Operations Director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, a non-profit organization promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation.  Chan previously worked in software before realizing he enjoyed the ride to and from work more.  He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with BS and MS degrees in computer science.

Director’s Filmography:

  • Since You’ve Been Ong (2007):
    • San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, March 2008.
    • San Francisco International Film Festival, April 2008.
    • Zeitgeist International Film Festival, August 2008.
  • Russian Hill Roulette (2006):
    • Zeitgeist International Film Festival, June 2006.
    • Mill Valley Film Festival, October 2006.
    • San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, March 2007.

Greg W. Rodgers (Director/Editor) grew up in Mammoth Lakes, CA and studied film at the UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television before moving to San Francisco. A self-taught urbanist, Rodgers is known around town for his video traffic-studies and his dedication to bicycling, public space, and city life.

Director’s Filmography:

  • sfMess (2009):
    • San Francisco LaborFest, July 2008.
    • San Francisco Documentary Film Festival (DocFest), October 2009.
  • Dude, Where’s My Bike Lane? (2007)
  • dictionaryman (2006).

Andrew Van Wart (Original Music), a resident of the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, is a composer, designer and photographer who is primarily interested in the exploration of the human soul through digital art. By collaborating with SF locals in creative endeavors of various media, Van Wart intends to enrich his own soul while also creating a stimulating experience for his audience.  In concert with these endeavors, Van Wart is an instructor of digital media at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, CA.

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